Hospitality Design

Comprehensive Interior Design

  • Conceptual Interior Design Drawings and Renderings
  • Space Planning / Floor / Furniture Plans
  • Interior Elevation Drawings
  • Interior Finish Plans with Overall Color Planning
  • Floor Covering Plans
  • Interior Detail Planning
  • Art and Artifact Procurement
  • Direct and Indirect Lighting Plans / Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • Electrical and Telephone Plans
  • Plumbing Plans
  • Audio / Video / Automation


  • Owner and Owner’s Representatives
  • Operator
  • Developer
  • Architect
  • Builder
  • Contractor
  • Other Sub-Contractors and Technical Specialists

Selection and Specification

  • Furniture, Fabric, Art, Artifact and Accessories
  • Flooring and Floor Coverings including custom Textile and Carpet design
  • Ceiling Finishes, Panels and Coverings
  • Wainscoting, Wall Finishes and Panels
  • Window Coverings
  • Hardwood and Veneers
  • Architectural Detailing
  • Color Planning
  • Fixtures, Equipment and Appliances
  • Hardwood or Veneer
  • Hardware and Pulls
  • Tableware, Flatware, Glassware and Amenity Selection / Design

Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment Specifications

  • Material Reference and Finish Specifications
  • Millwork and Joinery Drawings
  • Furnishing Specifications
  • Decorative Detail Specifications

Architectural Detailing

  • Design of columns, moldings, casings, trims, panels, niches, brackets, domes, mantels and medallions
  • Hardwood or Veneer Selection
  • Finish Selection
  • Joinery
  • Hardware

Lighting Design

  • Location of Task, Accent, Ambient Lighting
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan with Switching

Audio / Video / Automation

  • Theatres
  • Stylishly Finished Entertainment Systems
  • Sound Systems
  • Satellite HDTV / Internet / Phone
  • Motorized Window Treatments
  • Climate Control

Turnkey Outfitting and Accessorizing

  • Dining – Formal China, Casual Dinnerware, Flatware, Place Settings, Tableware, Serviceware
  • Bar – Glassware, Stemware and Barware
  • Suites and Guestrooms – Accessorizing, Luxury Bed Linens and Bedding Essentials (Feather or Fiberbeds, Pillows, Blankets, etc.)
  • Baths – Embroidered Luxury Linens, Robes, Slippers, Bath Essentials

Exterior Detailing / Styling

  • Deck Furniture
  • Outdoor Cushions

Project Budget

Project Management

  • See: Process section, the Phases of an Interior Design Project
  • Submission of Plans to the Architect for coordination with other disciplines
  • Collaboration with Purchasing Agent, Contractor, and Manufacturers to review bids and assist, where necessary, with negotiations
  • Review of Purchase Orders
  • Review of Shop Drawings
  • Review of Samples and/or Prototypes
  • Final Installation of FF&E, Artwork and Accessories
  • Installation Review
  • Completion of the Punch List
Hospitality Design

Transcending Design uses a collaborative approach to design and project management to produce unique solutions for each hospitality project. In each of our designs, Transcending Design insists upon providing a unique guest experience. Our expertise of reviewing the project site, and researching the competition, demographic market and cultural components as well as listening to the requirements of the project owner and operator establishes a true foundation on which to design.

Transcending Design tailors each design to suit the distinct brand and persona of every client. We offer a flexible and scalable set of services that can accommodate hospitality projects of any size, scope or market level. Our rigorous attention to detail, high standards of quality, exacting specifications and documentation, adherence to budgets and meticulous follow-through ensures each project is completed on time and within budget.

Crucial to the development of the space plan and style of the design is the compilation of various elements established during the due diligence or planning process. These elements include discovering the history, context and condition of the job site, researching the local market and competition and understanding the owner and operator’s ambitions as well as their concerns. Identifying cultural and regional components as well as location demographics allows Transcending Design the ability to provide extraordinary experiences, a feeling of comfort and am unsurpassed level of quality.

An exhaustive design study is performed which impacts and influences the overall conceptual design. Initial interior plans are created establishing adjacencies and hierarchies of the public and private spaces. Material and furniture selections, interior sketches and color palette development establish the basic design direction. These elements are fused into a series of presentation or material boards that supplement the renderings of the interior spaces and give the client an impression of what the space is going to look like.

Articulating the style of the design concept is further refined during design development where a series of plans and drawings fully describe the functionality of all interior spaces.

Documentation of the design includes FF&E Drawings, Specifications, Product Samples, Shop Drawings and Purchase Orders or Bid Requests. These documents provide the basis for the bid documents.

Transcending Design will assist with the pre-qualification of vendors and evaluation of pricing and will coordinate with the Purchasing Agent, Contractor, and Manufacturers to meet the project budget established in Phase 2: Design Concept.

During the project’s construction phase, our designers will make periodic job site visits to review progress and ensure that work being performed is in accordance with Transcending Design’s documents, specifications, and design concepts. Final Installation of Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment, Art and Accessories, installation review and conclusion of the punch list results the completion of the project.

At Transcending Design, each design is the backdrop from which all experience is defined. Our goal for the hospitality environment is to enrich the lives of those who enter it, creating a framework for memories, and providing a climate for social gatherings or quiet reflection. Our design team works closely with each client to create an environment that is functional, but also delights visually and most importantly, is comfortable.