Aviation Design

Comprehensive Interior Design

  • Conceptual Interior Design Drawings and Renderings
  • Space Planning / Floor / Furniture Plans
  • Interior Elevation Drawings
  • Interior Finish Plans with Overall Color Planning
  • Floor Covering Plans
  • Interior Detail Planning
  • Cabin Systems Selection and Integration
  • Cabin Equipment and Outfitting
  • Lighting / Audio / Video / Automation
  • Galley Mechanical Plans


  • Owner and Owner’s Representatives
  • Aircraft Manufacturer
  • Aircraft Completion Centers / FAA Repair Stations
  • Center Project Managers and On-site Contractors
  • Other Sub-Contractors, Suppliers and Technical Specialists

Selection and Specification

  • Seating, Divans, Convertible Sleepers, Furniture, Fabric, Art and Accessories
  • Flooring and Floor Coverings
  • Ceiling Finishes, Panels, Domes and Coverings
  • Wall Finishes and Panels
  • Window Coverings
  • Soundproofing
  • Veneers
  • Architectural Detailing
  • Color Planning
  • Fixtures, Equipment and Appliances
  • Lockers, Baggage Compartments
  • Custom Plating
  • Interior Metal Painting
  • Placards

Custom Furniture, Cabinetry, Built-ins

  • Design
  • Hardwood or Veneer Selection
  • Finish Selection
  • Fabric and Upholstery Detailing
  • Hardware and Hand Pulls

Architectural Detailing

  • Design of columns, moldings, casings, trims, panels, niches, brackets, domes, mantels and medallions
  • Hardwood or Veneer Selection
  • Finish Selection
  • Joinery
  • Hardware

Galley and Ensuite Design

  • Cabinetry
  • Counter
  • Backsplash
  • Appliances
  • Lighting
  • Hardware and Hand Pulls
  • Fixtures

Lighting / Audio / Video / Automation

  • Lighting
  • Flat Screen Monitors
  • Wireless Headset
  • Entertainment - In-Flight TV, Moving Map Displays, DVD/CD/MP3, Video Gaming
  • Motorized Window Treatments
  • Climate Control

Interior Soft Goods

  • Upholstery, Pillows, Throws
  • Carpet, Rugs
  • Upholstered Wall Panels
  • Upholstered Headliners
  • Curtains, Shades
  • Headboards, Custom Mattresses, Bedding
  • Table Linens, Textiles

Turnkey Outfitting and Accessorizing

  • Salon - Accessorizing
  • Dining – Formal China, Casual Dinnerware, Flatware, Place Settings, Tableware, Serviceware
  • Bar – Glassware, Stemware and Barware
  • Galley- Cookware, Cutlery, Tools/Utensils, Appliances
  • Cabins – Luxury Bed Linens and Bedding Essentials (Feather or Fiberbeds, Pillows, Blankets, etc.)
  • Ensuite – Embroidered Luxury Linens, Robes, Slippers, Bath Essentials

Exterior Styling

  • Paint Design (Aircraft Livery)

Project Budget

Project Management

Sales Staging for Dealer and Brokerage Aircraft

Aviation Design

Transcending Design can tailor your design to suit your aircraft needs. We can customize your design to meet the requirements of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). Transcending Design specifies and ensures the necessary burn and laboratory testing for all materials selected and will provide 8110-3 Certification for DER (Designated Engineering Representative) log book entries necessary for the FAA.

Transcending Design brings discipline to the design practice that could only be gained by working in the confining and demanding field of aviation. From complete refurbishments to select improvements, every project is given the time and attention to detail that has earned Transcending Design praise from our clients.

Crucial to articulating the style of a design concept, clients have the opportunity to view their project in 3-D color drawings allowing them to visualize the design concepts and finished interiors. This option provides the ability to make modifications to even the smallest design choice prior to the start of work.

One of the first elements in creating the desired ambiance reflecting the client’s taste is the creation of the exact color palette.

Space Planning plays a critical role in how a space is perceived and used. Space planning is all about the experience one has within the interior. It’s a combination of form and function.

Architectural detailing brings depth, character and unique design to interiors whether contemporary or traditional. Transcending Design pays special attention to floor, wall and ceiling finishes which provide an important dimension to any space. Fabric selection combines color, pattern and texture further setting the mood of the space.

An essential element to any design is the incorporation of state-of-the-art electronics into stylish entertainments systems whose cabinetry and finishing is impeccable.

To complete the design, Transcending Design’s professionals utilize many resources and relationships to obtain the perfect accoutrements, whether art, antiques, collectibles, plants, pillows or other cherished items.

Transcending Design is able to offer their clients practical knowledge of aircraft interior design and functionality, coupled with innovative creativity and sense for a high level of elegance proving luxury and creativity can coexist comfortably with compact functionality and safety.