Community Service

“We want to thank you and ALL of your participating vendors for your amazing contributions to create the “Dog Digs and Cat Cribs” project at the San Diego Humane Society. We are awed that the genesis of our idea, which came out of a brainstorming session after an event at the site, turned into a “designer showcase” beyond anyone’s wildest imagination!

The creativity and the enthusiasm with which your team tackled this project are an inspiration to the many people who have seen, read or heard about this wonderful accomplishment. Creating such a unique and permanent improvement to the SDHS is something to be proud of!

All of the designers who participated are to be congratulated not only for this project, but for being a role model for others. We recognize that ASID has participated in many community projects. That is wonderful, as the gift of design expertise can be utilized by so many organizations to improve their effectiveness. When others see how you all gave of your time, energy, and creativity, they may be motivated to give the same using their own expertise.

We were also AMAZED at your ability to mobilize so many donors and contributors to make this project happen. It was truly a community “celebration” and a reminder that charitable giving reaches far and beyond just the money!

We imagine that the work you have done for the Humane Society has created memories for all of you. It certainly has for us, and unquestionably for the many families planning to adopt animals out of those wonderful rooms that will last a lifetime, and will always be part of San Diego.”

Vicki Barón and Janie DeCelles
San Diego Humane Society
Community Service
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